This type of tough exercise regime is very important for those working with the security forces because the situations and extremities faced by them are all different and difficult.
Simple six body weight exercises that come under this tag are;

Push Ups

Navy seal sit-ups

4 count flutter kicks

4 count jumping jacks

4 count lunges

All these are some of the simple exercises that every navy camp follows. All the exercises are to be strictly followed by those serving the defense forces while those who practice this as a part of their regular workout regime need not have to, mandatorily. But following all of them would definitely help them in building not only their physical body but also their mental stability. This is the reason for this regime being followed by the navy and army officers.

Different stages in sealfit grinder

There are three different levels or stages in the sealfit program. The differentiation is to help and match the needs and abilities of different warriors at different levels. Beginners level – this is for those in the initial and first stages of this training program. Generally, they are introduced to the most simple ones. Basically, it is like a warm up session wherein the so far relaxed body is gearing up for the worst. And this beginner period helps them to train their body for the upcoming difficult tasks and exercises.

Intermediate level – this is the second stage of this training program wherein the warrior or the trainer is put to more tough tasks and exercises. He or she is now expected to do 7 rounds of each in the order specified for their cadre. Advanced level – this is, as the name suggests, is the last and the final level in this training program. Here the trainer is expected to perform 10 rounds of each of the exercise specified in the schedule. At the end of the program the person comes out fit and fine to serve the camp he is been appointed for and personally, he becomes a person strong and firm both physically and mentally.